The Yoga Mama Supporter – Simone


I absolutely loved Simone Goldstein’s specialist post natal classes when I went.

Simone, who teaches at Air Yoga Studio in South Woodford, was at the time doing a stint for Redbridge Council so we got her expertise at local value. What was extraordinary about her teaching was not just her positive spirit and encouragement combined with excellent knowledge, it was the fact that she was a post natal Mama herself. Her daughter was only 14 months at the time. So when Simone talked about the post partum exertions on the body or the feelings of lack of sleep, she could fully relate.

On top of this, I hope she won’t mind me saying, I was also amazed by her mental resilience.  Simone revealed in class one day that she was a single parent. So she was supporting other Mamas and managing her new and often crazy baby life, without a partner to back her up at home. Admirable stuff.

Simone is a Yoga, Pre and Postnatal Yoga, ITEC Yoga Teacher Training Lecturer, undergoing a degree in Health Science. I asked her for a few words on how she manages it.

1. Before getting involved in Yoga I was….

Dancing, dancing, dancing. My sporting life prior to Yoga was all about my first love- dance. From ballet, tap, modern, jazz, contemporary to other aspects of performing arts such as singing, acting, music etc. 

As the years go by I learn that dancing is meditative movement (if you allow it to be) just the same as yoga. So really, I think I’d been practising yoga all along. 

2. I started teaching yoga because….

It was a really opportunistic event during a catalytic period of change in my life that turned out to be some kind of intervention I think. 

Although I was well practised, upon reflection my Yoga journey didn’t start until I started teaching others. I taught them, they taught me, and we evolved together. 

I was always inclined towards teaching and helping people. Moving (rather than being static) is second nature to me so it makes total sense that teaching yoga has always felt as natural as walking for me. 

3. My passion for teaching pregnant and postnatal women comes from….

My own experience as a mother. Pregnancy, as well as being the most amazing experience can also be a bit of a bumpy ride too (for many mummies physically, emotionally and in other ways personal to the individual). I feel privileged to assist mummies and their bumps along the way. 

Postnatal Yoga is close to my heart for various reasons. 

I was back to teaching Yoga 7/8 weeks after my daughter was born and without my personal postnatal yoga practice I just wouldn’t have physically been able. 

I see the demand and speed expected for new mummies to get back on their feet in the Western world as a problem but while this is the way we live I love to help women along with the process, becoming stronger in mind-body and recuperating after the craziness or pregnancy and giving birth. 

10 months after my baby was born I was also newly single (a “single parent”) and about to start going through a divorce…something most of my students (and some colleagues!) were unaware of at the time. 

Postnatal Yoga was one of the factors, along with many other factors (the support of my family etc) helped get me through that period of time. 

4. Being a Mum and a Yoga teacher is good for me because… 

I always go to work a little frazzled from rushing around after my little one and return back from work de-stressed, grounded and refreshed. There are not many jobs you can say that about!!

5. Being a mum and a yoga teacher is challenging because…

I miss her bedtime if I teach in the evening. That makes me a sad mummy. 

The practicality is it is a fluctuating job and you need to be on your toes as there are regular changes to your diary and routine. 

6.  The most important thing to me in life is 

Happiness and family. 

My mum tells me that balance is the key to life & happiness and while I’m not there quite yet, the more I learn, the more I experience, the more her words ring true to me. 

My love for Biochemistry, Yoga, Health, my family, my friends and my greatest teacher- my three year old daughter, all seem to lead me towards balance and individuality being the path to happiness. 


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